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Corrosion Testing Laboratory

Corrosion Testing  Laboratory
Corrosion Testing Laboratory
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 Corrosion Testing  Laboratory

Corrosion as we all know is an electrochemical reaction between material and environment which deteriorates the quality of the article and its life. The degree of severity of corrosion depends upon various factors out of which environmental parameters are the most common, such as temperature, humidity, chemical composition, etc.

Corrosion can be prevented by various techniques which include corrosion testing methods. These method aims at checking the ability of the material to withstand the artificially induced corrosive environment without disintegration. The results from corrosion testing can be used for Failure Analysis of several commercially important engineering materials.

  JK Analytical Lab is extremely competent to undertake any kind of corrosion testing as per the specified National and International Standards.

Types of Corrosion

Depending upon the various physical morphology of the attack, the types of corrosion are classified into various groups. Some of the types of aqueous corrosion are: Pitting corrosion, Erosion corrosion, Galvanic corrosion, Uniform corrosion, Crevice corrosion, Inter-granular corrosion and environmentally assisted cracking.

Importance of Corrosion Testing:

The ill-effects of corrosion are widely known and therefore the corrosion testing is appreciated to prevent the deterioration caused by corrosion. Under these testing, the ability of a material to withstand the harsh corrosive environment without undergoing any deformation or disintegration is studied. The results obtained can be further used for failure analysis of several important engineering materials used commercially.

Corrosion Tests we carry out:

  1. Copper-Copper Sulfate-50% Sulfuric Acid, ASTM A262, Practice F and Practice E (Straus Test)
  2. Crevice Corrosion
  3. Cyclic Corrosion Test started as per International Standards
  4. Ferric Sulfate-Sulfuric Acid, ASTM A262, Practice B
  5. Hydrogen-Induced Cracking (HIC) Test, NACE TMO284
  6. Nitric Acid, ASTM A262, Practice C, (Huey Test)
  7. Oxalic Acid Test, ASTM A262, Practice A
  8. Pitting Corrosion Test, ASTM Gr 48
  9. Salt Spray (Neutral / Fog), ASTM B117
  10. Sulfide Stress Corrosion Cracking (SSCC), NACE TM 0177

 Major Equipments we possess

  1. Ammonia Vapour Test Apparatus
  2. Crevice Corrosion Test Apparatus
  3. Electrolyte Etching Machine
  4. IGC Apparatus
  5. HIC Apparatus
  6. Potentiometer Test Apparatus
  7. Salt Spray Test Apparatus
  8. SSC Apparatus



We Provide Our Testing Services in India, Africa, USA, and Canada.

All The Clients Are Requested To Send Their Samples Through Courier Only, As We Will Not Be Able To Entertain Any Client At The Lab.