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preclinical Testing Laboratory

preclinical Testing Laboratory
preclinical Testing Laboratory
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Service Code : PTL - 985

Preclinical Testing Laboratory

  1. Biomarkers Research Testing
  2. Caco-2
  3. Cardiac Profiling Studies
  4. Clinical Pathology
  5. Cytochrome P450 isozymes Induction Testing
  6. Cytotoxicology Studies Testing
  7. Disease Models Testing
  8. Drug Concentration Testing
  9. Drug Resistance Testing
  10. Drug Sensitivity Testing
  11. Efficacy Studies Testing
  12. Electrophysical Testing
  13. Electrophysiology Characterization Testing
  14. FDA Pharmaceutical CMC Testing
  15. Genotoxicity Screening
  16. Hemodynamic Evaluation T
  17. Hepatocytes Testing
  18. Immunogenecity Research Testing
  19. Immunological Testing
  20. In Vitro Efficacy Models Studies
  21. In Vivo Pharmacokinetics Studies
  22. In-Vitro ADMET Studies
  23. In-Vitro Drug Screening Studies
  24. In-Vitro Drug-Drug Interactions Testing
  25. In-Vitro Studies Testing
  26. In-Vivo Drug Studies Testing
  27. Inhalation Studies Testing
  28. Interspecies Comparison Studies
  29. LC-MS/MS Testing
  30. Metabolite Identification Studies Testing
  31. Nephelometry Testing
  32. Neuropharmacology Studies
  33. Neurotoxicity Studies
  34. Permeability Assay Testing
  35. Pharmaceutical ADME Testing Studies
  36. Pharmaceutical Absorption Studies
  37. Pharmaceutical Absorption Studies Testing
  38. Pharmaceutical Acute Toxicity Studies
  39. Pharmaceutical Acute Toxicity Studies
  40. Pharmaceutical Alternate Dosing Studies
  41. Pharmaceutical Bioavailability Studies
  42. Pharmaceutical Bioequivalence Studies
  43. Pharmaceutical Characterization Research Studies
  44. Pharmaceutical Chemical Characterization Testing
  45. Pharmaceutical Chemical Properties Testing
  46. Pharmaceutical Chromatographic Method Research and Development
  47. Pharmaceutical Clearance
  48. Pharmaceutical Custom Synthesis Research
  49. Pharmaceutical Dose Range Determination
  50. Pharmaceutical Feasibility Studies
  51. Pharmaceutical Forced Degradation Studies
  52. Pharmaceutical Formulation Development a
  53. Pharmaceutical Formulation Testing
  54. Pharmaceutical Half-Life
  55. Pharmaceutical Identity Testing
  56. Pharmaceutical Infusion Studies
  57. Pharmaceutical Lead Identification
  58. Pharmaceutical Lead Optimization
  59. Pharmaceutical Lead Optimization Research
  60. Pharmaceutical Medicinal Chemistry Research
  61. Pharmaceutical Metabolic Rate Studies Testing
  62. Pharmaceutical Metabolic Stability Studies Testing
  63. Pharmaceutical Metabolism Studies
  64. Pharmaceutical Method Development and Validation
  65. Pharmaceutical Nonclinical Safety Studies (NCSS)
  66. Pharmaceutical Photostability
  67. Pharmaceutical Physical Properties Testing
  68. Pharmaceutical Potency Testing
  69. Pharmaceutical Pre-Clinical Efficacy
  70. Pharmaceutical Preformulation Testing
  71. Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry Research
  72. Pharmaceutical Process Optimization Testing
  73. Pharmaceutical Process Research
  74. Pharmaceutical Radioactivity Testing
  75. Pharmaceutical Radioimmunoassays (RIA)
  76. Pharmaceutical Reference Testing
  77. Pharmaceutical Repeated Dose Toxicity Studies
  78. Pharmaceutical Short-term Toxicity Studies
  79. Pharmaceutical Single Dose Toxicity Studies
  80. Pharmaceutical Solid State Characterization Analysis
  81. Pharmaceutical Solubility Assay Testing
  82. Pharmaceutical Stability Studies
  83. Pharmacokinetics pK Testing, pK Research and pK Studies
  84. Pharmacological Characterization Studies
  85. Pharmacological Profile Studies
  86. Preclinical Toxicology Studies
  87. Preformulation
  88. Product Safety Studies Testing
  89. Protein Binding Studies Testing
  90. QT Prolongation Studies
  91. Toxicokinetic Studies
  92. Vaccine Safety Studies Testing



We Provide Our Testing Services in India, Africa, USA, and Canada.

All The Clients Are Requested To Send Their Samples Through Courier Only, As We Will Not Be Able To Entertain Any Client At The Lab.